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License agreement

This License Agreement (the “Agreement”) governs the relationship between you (the “User”) and Novalink LLC (the “Rightholder” or “Administration”), collectively referred to as the “Parties”, and individually the “Party”, on the issues of granting, using and terminating a license for a program for a smartphone, a multiplayer online game “Braimon”.
The performance of any of the actions specified in clause 10.1 of the Agreement means the complete and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms of this Agreement.

  1. Terms and definitions

1.1. The following concepts are used in this Agreement:

Game – a program for a smartphone, an online multiplayer game “Braimon”.

License – the right to use the Game within the limits and under the conditions established by this Agreement.

Account – the User account in the Game, which is stored on the servers of the Game. The account is the property of the Administration.

User’s personal data is the User’s data collected and accumulated by the Game during the validity of the License Agreement, which are directly related to the game process.

1.2. Other concepts used in this Agreement are subject to interpretation in accordance with the License Agreement and the laws of the United States of America.

  1. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. Under the terms of this Agreement, the Administration grants the User a free non-exclusive license to use the Game for personal and other non-commercial purposes in the following ways:
2.1.1. Using one instance of the client part of the Game on the User’s smartphone;
2.1.2. Using the client part of the Game only by interacting with the server part of the Game;
2.2. The technical ability to exercise the rights specified in clause 2.1 of the Agreement is provided by downloading the client part of the game in the Google Play / Apple AppStore stores and then installing the client part on the User’s smartphone.

  1. Termination of the License

5.1. The License may be terminated by the Copyright Holder unilaterally ahead of schedule on the following grounds:
5.1.1. In connection with the violation by the User of the restrictions and obligations established by this License Agreement.
5.1.2. For other reasons established by this Agreement.

  1. Prohibitions and restrictions

The user is prohibited from:

6.1. Sell ​​the Game or any part of it, provide it for temporary use, license, distribute, upload to the network or transfer it to another person in any other way, and also use the Game or any part of it for commercial purposes.
6.2. Sell ​​or transfer access to the Game Account to third parties.
6.3. Uncover technologies, obtain source code, modify, decompile and disassemble the code of the Game or its parts, as well as create derivative works on this basis.
6.4. Remove, disable or bypass any instructions and restrictions of the copyright holder of the game.
6.5. Export and re-export the Game, any copy of it or an adapted version in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.
6.6. Translate the game into other languages.
6.7. Use third-party software (“cheats”), which allows you to receive gaming advantages, as well as advertise and sell / transfer it to other users.
6.8. Use other third-party software that simulates the player’s actions in order to automate the game process, as well as advertise and sell / transfer it to other users.
6.9. The use of errors and vulnerabilities of the game for personal purposes without notifying the Administration about them.
6.10. Sell ​​in-game items and in-game currency to other players for real money.
6.11. Use the Game in any other way not provided for by this Agreement.
6.12. Offensive statements or slander against the players, the game process, the project, the Game Administration are prohibited using any resources of the Game (including, but not limited to chatting the game, voice communication inside the game, error reporting service, game pages on social networks). Dissemination of false information that offends the honor, dignity, or business reputation of the Administration or the project itself.
6.13. It is forbidden to intentionally use the vulnerabilities of the Game and the imperfections of the game mechanics (the so-called “abuse”) in order to disrupt the game process and the game as a whole.


  1. Responsibility

7.1. The game is provided “as is”. The administration makes no guarantees regarding the possibilities of using the Game or its performance, as The game is under development and can be changed at any time. The administration does not give any guarantees of the observance of the rights of third parties, as well as guarantees regarding the commercial and consumer qualities of the Game, the possibility of installing it on a smartphone.